Who We Are & What We Do

The Mir`Ra IMAGE Foundation is a charitable neighborhood organization. Our projects have taken initiative to support at-risk youth since 2006. The quality of our communities' education and level of adversity marked the foundation for a unique opportunity to provide leadership and mental consciousness. We provide an optional location for young adult in grades 6th to 12th offering them the opportunity to reflect themselves as leaders in education and the arts, while gaining hands on experience towards developing entrepreneurial-ism.

Image by Ronald Huereca


Our mission is to be able to inspire the youth and the community to enhance their knowledge and hope for the future by supporting greater education, providing artistic outlets, and fun & affordable events utilizing sustainable fashion and entertainment.

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Inspired by Nia Williams, we hope to be able to provide an optional yet encouraging location to the communities' of 6 City of Phoenix districts. This location will invoke a feeling of safety and a sense of originality for the youth to build confidence in themselves, their talents, and their interests.

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Meet the Team

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